The Association of NHS Charities
About Us

We seek to support, and to be the voice of all NHS Charities
in England and Wales including their linked and successor charities. Membership is also open to NHS charities in Scotland.

The principal aim of the Association is to promote the effective working of NHS Charities. We do this by:

  • providing an authoritative voice for NHS Charities
    and representing their interests to other organisations 
    and statutory bodies
  • providing a forum for discussion of matters of
    mutual interest
  • collating and disseminating information and advice
    on issues of concern to NHS Charities
  • promoting and encouraging the implementation
    of best charity practice to member charities
  • providing information, advice and development opportunities for Trustees and their senior staff.

NHS Charities collectively hold nearly £2.8bn of assets and receive an annual income that exceeds £400m. Promoting the effective working of NHS Charities therefore aims to ensure that this enormous charitable resource is used effectively and efficiently, to improve the experience of, and therefore provide a benefit to all users of NHS hospitals and other NHS services.


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